Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fab tea dance poster

Please contact me via my website if you would like tickets . . . axxa

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Leigh-on-Sea Vintage and Handmade Fair

Here is all the details for the next Vintage Fair in Leigh-on-Sea on the 27th November.  Very exciting! Have a few stalls left so if you would like a stall them please drop us a line via my website.  Lots of vintage clothing and accessories as well as lots of vintage inspired crafts.  Hopefully there will be about 60 stalls.  Good atmosphere and of course free entry. The fab 'Hair Aid Shelter' will be there working their magic and creating excellent retro hairstyles throughout the day.  Just wish I could recreate the same effect at home! There will be yummy tea and cakes served by 'All the tea and China' in our fab vintage tea room - what more could you ask for . . . . x x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

next tea dance!

The next tea dance organised by myself and 'All the Tea and China' will be on the 21st November.  Same venue - Southend Military and Naval Club and all the usual stars will be there - A2 Jive and the Hair Aid Shelter.  Tickets will be £15 this time and therefore slightly less people so more room for dancing!  Please contact me if you would like tickets.  Many thanks axxa

Wonderful photographer!

Just wanted to thank Mike Stokes for taking all the brilliant photos of Jesse and Kim on my website.  He did a fantastic job and was extremely patient with me!  Thanks a million . . .axxa

Monday, 27 September 2010

1940's tea dance

Thanks to everyone who helped with the tea dance at Southends Military and Naval Club.  It was lots of fun and I tried not to tread on too many toes whilst being flung around the dance floor he he!  Thank god I didn't drink anything alcholic I would have been a mess! A2 jive did a variety of dances and they certainly worked extremely hard to get everyone dancing.  I liked the Lamberth walkbest as it was very easy to follow. 'All the tea and China' put on a fab spread and there were a lot of cakes left over which the Cooper household soon took care of. 'Hairaid Shelter' completed the event by creating wonderful 1940's hairstyles. 

Will add some photos later and me and the girls from 'All the tea and China' are trying to fix another date for the next one . . . . watch this space for more details axxa

Friday, 24 September 2010

Leigh Handmade and Vintage Fair

The next Leigh-on-Sea Handmade and Vintage Fair will be on the 27th of November I'll send out details on Monday as I'm so busy with the 1940's tea dance on Sunday. 

All tickets for the tea dance sold but if its popular then there could be more round the corner!  Will keep you posted . . .